Follow the heART

Our inspiration for this collection is Mr. Brainwash; he is the protégée of anonymous
England-based street artist Banksy.
Mr. Brainwash is the name used by French-born, LA based street artist Thierry Guetta. The infamous street artist and his obsession with art form the basis of this collection. Through this collection we draw inspiration from one of his quotes, “Art cannot be criticized because every mistake is a creation.”

This collection is a unique fusion of classic Pop Art imagery with the subversive
playfulness of contemporary Street Art.
Working primarily with richly layered digital prints that are inspired by historic
imagery to create a version of pop–graffiti art hybrid prints that form compositions that are emblematic of a graffiti wall inundated with 20th century iconography. Each print is unique with no one element being the same with every print having its own story, inspired by events, places and global happenings around the world, this collection along with the prints are here to spread a little more heART.
We have created a collection that is unique and innovative with the use of stencils, spray painting and improvisational hand painting on fabrics that include woven silks, organza, cotton and recycled polyester.

The prints are hand illustrated along with acrylic paints and hand embroidered appliqued 3D embroideries. We have juxtaposed structure with fluidity in regards to tailoring creating softer silhouettes with modern materials. The colour palette reflects the mood of the collection of excess and maximalism mixed with sophisticated minalmilsm in the form of our more tailored pieces. The tones are neutral, with pinks and greens and the prints lending an edge of mysterious luxury.