Our muse for this collection is a woman who is madly in love, and her obsession was taking her into a state of hallucination, where flowers and birds talk and tease her about her lover. Ophelia best suited the personality of our muse.

Through this collection we try to depict her perception of the world and her vivid imagination as she sees everything, through touch/feel we have incorporated the ancient craft of Rogan art with a contemporary twist, which is 3D in nature along with digital prints and hand embroidery.

*Rogan is an ancient craft, in this collection we have given it a contemporary twist, its origins in Persia, came down to Kutch around 400 years ago. Tradition- ally, the craft was pursued to beautify bridal clothing of the regional tribes, beautiful borders and floral patterns on ghagras, odhni and bead spreads. For- bearers of the seven generation old art are the Khatri family, for they appear to be the only family practicing the little known art in the small village called Nirona in Kutch. We have created these beautiful garments with their help and also shed light on these craftsmen to revive and sustain this beautiful ancient craft.