Company Mission


As we advance forward, pushing boundaries and innovating season after season, we focus on our transition to a circular economy by minimizing resource inputs & waste by using energy efficient equipment and through an intelligent design process that ensures slowing or closing of such loopholes.

Our in-house production space is carefully planned, comprising of all equipment in compliance with the “Eco Product” standards as certified by respective brands ensuring fully dry head machines that utilize minimum energy.


In 2019, the brand adopted the zero waste initiative with the aim of minimizing production waste. The brand develops a limited edition capsule of accessories that are crafted from waste fabric by intelligent alignment of patterns during the cutting stage to ensure maximum utilization of resources.


The team carefully works with our diverse team to help them develop a mind-set of inclusion. The hiring process is purely based on merit rather than social or ethnic backgrounds. We work towards building an inclusive work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, having equal access to opportunities and resources and can contribute fully to the company’s success.


The headquarters adhere to all requirements based on safety, security and hygiene as issued by the government of India and ensures a healthy work environment. As a part of our five-year plan, the company headquarters shall partially run on Solar Power by 2021.